Get Rid of Pet Grime with the CuBowl

Earlier this year I got sick and tired of cleaning out Bain’s water dish so I ended up tossing it. For a while, I had him using a temporary plastic bowl until a came across a unique Kickstarter campaign. The featured product in the campaign looked like it would put an end to Bain’s water dish woes – and that’s why we’re here today!

Introducing – The CuBowl


The CuBowl is a copper plated pet bowl that will make you finally say goodbye to cleaning slime and grime! The unique electroplated copper material rapidly kills bacteria while also providing durability for your pet’s water bowl. So, what’s so special about this material? The metal ions found in copper and copper alloys work as a natural disinfectant for your pet’s bowl. Ever wonder why brass doorknobs were so popular? Brass is basically able to disinfect itself by providing a hostile environment for bacteria. However, these properties are not found in stainless steel or ceramic.


The CuBowl is a newly formed Canadian company that has had successful campaigns this year on both Kickstarter and INDIEGOGO. The CuBowl has impressed pet owners around the world, including myself. In our experience  during the last few months with the CuBowl we noticed that there was no grime build up, and no nastiness to clean up! How easy is that?

Although the CuBowl has high resistance with reacting to the environment, it will have to be polished every 6-8 weeks to help prevent tarnishing. This can easily be done with a clean cloth and 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Probably not as much work as your pet’s previous water bowls, right? CuBowl also recommends that their products be hand washed only.


The CuBowl comes in a variety of different sizes to help accommodate your pet. Unfortunately, copper CuBowls are meant for water only and not meant for food use. However, CuBowl is aiming to create food suitable pet bowls that will not work just like their Kickstarter superstar. In the meantime, give the CuBowl a whirl and let us know what you think!


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Disclaimer: We received a CuBowl in exchange for an honest review. At Gogo Dogo, we believe in featuring products that will be relevant to our readers. 

5 Things I’ve Learned While Renting with Pets


Due to the current real estate market, rentals are becoming scarce. Pet friendly rentals have become more of a fairy tale without the happy ending. In the last few weeks I have unfortunately heard from two different owners that they had to put their pets down due to them not being able to find a pet friendly home. One owner had to put her cat down, while the other had to put her cat and dog down and still has two cats and two dogs. However, that is a topic for another day.

When pet owners do find that needle in a haystack, accidents will happen with even the most responsible individuals. As most pet owners know, surprises comes with the job. Here is what I’ve learned while renting with pets for the last 5 years.

1.) Accidents Will Happen 

You can be as vigilant as a hawk, but every now and then there might be a surprise waiting when you arrive home from work. This past month Bain had a strong bout of diarrhea, and it happened just before I booked to have the carpets cleaned in the house. I still have no idea what caused it, and Bain remained as bouncy as ever with the same hungry hippo appetite. My only guess is the manure sprayed around the trail we walk, tie that in with a grass eating assassin and he may have snuck in some bites while I wasn’t looking. So, as pet owners as much as we would like keep our home nice and clean – accidents will happen.

2.) Always Have a Plan B

As mentioned, with the current real-estate market homes are being sold left and right. If you’re renting, what happens if the owner wants to move back into their home? What if they want to sell? If so, do you have a place to go that will allow your pets? If not, do you have someone to look after your pet(s) while you search for a new place? Are you ready to pack up to a new city if there is currently nothing available where you are? Renting with furry family members can be rewarding, but also stressful. It’s important to not get too comfortable. If something were to happen, always have a Plan B and the funds to finance it.

3.) Do Not Give Into Temptation 

Pet owners have big hearts for everything furry, which is why it’s so hard to pass up on a new four-legged family member. As much as I’d love to bring another cat or dog into our group, potentially trying to find another place to live would prove even more difficult than it already would with a cat and large dog. Owners should be responsible for how many pets they bring into their home, as they are a lifelong commitment.

4.) Get To Know the Neighbourhood


If you’re a dog owner, it’s never a bad thing to build friendly relationships with neighbours and regular folk on your walks with your pooch. If you have a misunderstood breed / mix, it will always be helpful to continue to break the barriers and labels society has put on them. Bain has changed the hearts of many, but there still those who believe he’s the spawn of Satan. He’s more like a furry angel who occasionally farts while watching over you. It’s easy to get mad and rip into someone for judging your pet, but it’s important to help educate others and show them a side they most likely haven’t seen. Keep your composure, and be a role model for your dog as he is for other controversial breeds.

5.) Gain Positive References from your Landlord

Before purchasing a home, there may be times where you’ll bounce from rental to rental. Just in case, it’s important to gain positive references from your previous landlords. Were your pets quiet? Did you clean up after your pet? Did your pets bother the neighbours? Responsible owners should have an easier transition into a new rental if your previous landlords find you took care of their home very well while living with your furry family members.


Working in a property management office has allowed me to see many upset owners who cannot find a rental for themselves and their pet(s). It went from a tough market to an extremely tough market. With one available property having over 100 applicants, it’s no surprise that many people in the lower mainland are living hotels, campsites, and one situation – out of a barn. Pet owners may be overlooked when applying for a rental property as most complaints and worries are pets being dirty, noisy and destructive. However, stay positive and help prove to others you are a responsible tenant.

Glandex – Healthy Glands, Happy Pet

A few months ago I noticed some strange happenings coming from the back of Bain’s behind. After speaking with my vet I found out it was something that I had been dreading – Bain’s anal glands were needing to be expressed. Oh, the humanity. The symptoms I first noticed were anal leakage, a foul fishy odour, and excessive licking of his booty. Now, Bain’s health is always my first priority, but I was looking for a less invasive way to help with his issue.

Introducing – Glandex


Glandex is an all-natural supplement specifically designed for anal gland problems in dogs and cats. Made in the USA and packed with powerhouse ingredients, Glandex helps support healthy anal gland function in your pet. I was slightly hesitant when I first heard about Glandex through the pet blogger community. However, once I saw the results other bloggers had I needed to get my hands on this product to try it out.

Glandex comes in two different forms – great tasting soft chews and a delicious powder your pet will love. Bain took to the flavour of both the chews and powder very well, and I’m happy that he is able to enjoy treat and mealtime with a special kick to it.


Beef Liver Powder – Active Ingredients: Desiccated Beef Liver Powder, Pumpkin Seed Powder, Granulated Pumpkin Seed, Apple Pectin Cellulose Powder, Quercetin Dihydrate, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bromelain.


Peanut Butter Soft Chews – Active Ingredients: Pumpkin Seed Powder, Granulated Pumpkin Seed, Apple Pectin Cellulose Powder, Quercetin Dihydrate, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bromelain.


These healthy supplements contain no corn, soy, wheat, artificial ingredients, preservatives, or animal proteins! So you can be sure you pooch is chowing down on something delicious and nutritious! 

It’s been almost 2 months since Bain has been on Glandex, and during our time so far I have noticed a lot of major changes. Drum roll please? No more anal leakage, no more of that fishy odour, and I would say he licks his booty as much as the average dog now. His bowel movements are a lot more healthy, and so much easier to clean up as they are much more firm and bulky. I’ve been completely amazed with the positive changes I’ve seen, and I’m sure Bain is much more happy inside and out.


So what can cause anal gland issues in your pet? Whenever the anal glands become blocked or over-filled, it can cause major discomfort and lead to further issues down the road. Common reasons of anal gland issues can range from soft / loose stools, allergies, infection, and obesity. Bain showed a few symptoms  early on that made me take notice right away, but here are a few more to watch out for.


– Scooting
– Anal leakage
– Foul odour
– Excessive licking
– Straining to defecate 
– Swelling near the anal area

As mentioned above, Bain’s stools are a lot more firm. Glandex helps to create bulkier stools to allow your pet to empty their anal glands naturally each time they defecate. To do so, they put together probiotics and natural anti-inflammatories to help support digestive and immune health while helping to reduce underlying inflammation and allergies that are known triggers.

So what can we do as pet owners to help prevent future anal gland issues? It is best to feed a high-quality diet that is free from those nasty fillers. Paired with Glandex, your pet will receive the added support for healthy anal gland function. Before its taken for a test drive, it is always best to speak with your veterinarian to see if Glandex is right for your pet!

I am more than thrilled this worked out very well for Bain, and he gives a definite 2 big paws up!


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Disclaimer: We received product in exchange for an honest review. Gogo Dogo only features products we feel are relevant to our readers.

Review – The Udder Rubber – #ecofriendly

Bain is a quirky dog when it comes to toys. He is much like Kisa and her food, very particular and it has to have all of the bells and whistles to their liking to enjoy it. Our previous tug toy has managed to disappear into the abyss, so I found myself scouring the internet in search for something new and exciting for Bain. After all, shopping for your pet is just as fun as shopping for yourself, right?

Introducing – The Udder Rubber by High4Pets



You read that correctly – the Udder Rubber. An eco-friendly tug toy that is guaranteed to drive your dog banana sandwich. So what makes the Udder Rubber so special? This toy is actually made from recycled rubber liners used in machines to milk cows. Thus leaving an irresistible, drool-inducing scent your dog will love!


We tried this out for ourselves and it passed the destruction test after 100 lbs of muscle had his way with it. Our Udder Rubber remained completely intact, and after handling it myself it did not leave me with any strange scents on my hands.


Normally, milking machines are changed every 3 months and afterwards would be thrown into the trash. However, High4pets collects those rubber parts from dairy farms countrywide.

“We run them through a special cleaning and sanitization process, but they still maintain their fresh-from-the-farm essence that seems to drive dogs wild.” – High4pets


High4pets is an Australian pet company that focuses on unique, eco-friendly dog toys, leashes, collars, and home-baked dog biscuits made from natural, high-quality ingredients and materials. By helping to provide farmers with extra income by purchasing their recycled materials, High4pets keeps your dog happy and satisfied while reducing the impact on the environment.

There are many styles and sizes of Udder Rubbers to choose from, including an assortment of colours for the rope / handles. We were lucky enough to also be able to try out the Two Knot Ball Udder Rubber.


This can be used as a tug or fetch toy, and still has the same tantalizing scent your pooch will love. Udder Rubbers are meant to used as an interactive toy, so I’ve chosen to use this as our new training tool. We’ve been practicing fetch and retrieve, target, and holding the toy. We’ve had much success with this Udder Rubber for training and I’ve received less of Bain’s stink eye when tossing this around – he actually brings it back to me! The scent on these toys brings a lot of excitement to training, so I’m happy Bain is very eager to fetch and retrieve.

High4pets was founded in 2014 and has since been focusing more on their online presence, and we’re happy to support such an eco-friendly pet company. Bain was thrilled to receive some of their home-baked goodies! So thrilled, that the both of us got too excited and they disappeared before the thought of photos kicked in. High4pets dog biscuits are made from natural ingredients and do not contain any preservatives, artificial colours, or flavours. So feel free to have your pooch indulge without worry!


We’re so happy to have such a sturdy and fun toy for playtime! Gogo Dogo tested, Gogo Dogo approved.

Interested in purchasing an Udder Rubber for your pooch? Visit High4pets on Etsy today!

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Help Protect Your Pet from Fleas & Ticks – #NoBiteIsRight

Last year we experienced our first flea infestation, and I can definitely say it’s not something I want to go through again. The weirdest part? Neither Bain nor Kisa were showing signs of scratching, biting, or gnawing at themselves. How did I notice the fleas? When I was brushing Bain. Throughout the entire ordeal I was the one getting the brunt of the bites!


This post is sponsored by No Bite is Right and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer NetworkTM. I am being compensated to help create awareness about Summer Safety and Protecting Pets against fleas and ticks but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. The blogger is responsible for the contents and not the sponsors mentioned above.

Now that the weather has warmed up, I want to make sure pet owners, including ourselves, are extra prepared for fleas and ticks this year because No Bite Is Right™.


Photo Credit: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

To help spread the word of flea and tick awareness, Crusuoe the Celebrity Dachshund is traveling across Canada for the No Bite Is Right Campaign to talk about the importance of flea and tick prevention. For details on the 2016 tour, visit Crusoe’s website and delve more into the world of a celebrity Dachshund!

Fleas are becoming a rising concern across Canada, and they can spread many harmful diseases. Due to the mild winter we just had, flea and tick seasons are extended longer than normal. Did you know fleas can live up to 100 days and lay up to 50 eggs a day? On top of that, those pesky buggers can bite up to 400 times per day! So it’s no surprise that last year’s infestation was such a nightmare.


Bain, and Dogo Argentino’s in general, are commonly known to suffer from allergies and sensitive skin. Dogs can be allergic to flea saliva which can result in troublesome bald spots caused from scratching and chewing fur. If you have a flea infestation, those little insects can not only cause itching, discomfort, and open sores, but can also be a source of tapeworms and anemia.

Now that there’s been a shift in the weather, fleas are not the only issue. Ticks are another problem to look out for, and a situation I do not want to face with Bain in our lifetime. As with fleas, I’ve heard many horror stories that involve ticks. Lyme disease is one of the most well-known diseases transmitted by ticks, but did you know tick populations have grown 10 times in the past two decades within Canada? That leaves pets more susceptible to bites if proactive measures are not taken. If you feel that your pet has been bitten by a tick, symptoms to look for include pain, fatigue, and kidney failure.

According to a recent survey of Canadian pet owners, the #1 concern is avoiding the bite. So, what can do we do to protect our furry friends from these pests?


Photo Credit: No Bite Is Right Campaign

Let’s take a look at the different methods available…

Systemic Products – Oral Treatment

– Taken orally, usually as a chewable treat
– Requires the flea / tick to bite your pet as the medication is running through the pet’s bloodstream
– The pest needs to keep feeding until it has ingested enough medication to be killed
– Leaves your pet vulnerable to diseases since they are transmitted through bites 

Non-Systemic Products –
Topical Treatment

– Does not require the pest to bite as it works on contact
– On contact, pests become uncoordinated allowing time for medication to kill the flea / tick
– Reduces the ability of fleas / ticks to bite or attach
– Reduces the chance of disease transmission 

After last year’s infestation, we hope to educate others so that no other pet owner goes through the same ordeal. The hardest part for us was not noticing it sooner, as there were no signs of what is now called the Great Flea Infestation of 2015! You can learn more about what the best method of prevention is for your pet by speaking with your veterinarian.


Photo Credit: Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund

Follow the #NoBiteIsRight tour and enter for your chance to meet Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund! The winner will receive an appearance by Crusoe at their local vet clinic!

How To Enter

Tweet #NoBiteIsRight, your vet’s city, the name of your vet’s clinic, and tag @Celeb_Dachshund between April 18 – May 6th. Each tweet is one vote with a limit of one vote per person per day. However, for an extra vote – tag a friend!

Follow Crusoe on his 2016 campaign tour!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bayer, Inc. The opinions and text are all mine.

Help Support the CuBowl Kickstarter Campaign!

Hate scrubbing that nasty slime off of your dog’s water bowl? Help say goodbye with the CuBowl! The antibacterial, slime-free pet bowl!

We’ve recently stumbled upon this amazing product at just the right moment. I’ve recently tossed Bain’s old water dish, as it was becoming too difficult to clean. The slime and grime build up in no time! So I’m more than thrilled there is a product out there that can help save pet owners from dealing with such nasty business.

The CuBowl is a pet company based in Vancouver, Canada, and their Kickstarter campaign is ending SOON! So soon it’s over this upcoming Tuesday, May 3rd! They’re so close to reaching their goal of $30,000! They’re currently at $27,827!

For those interested in getting their pet their very own CuBowl – visit their Kickstarter link here!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Gogo Dogo is a large supporter of small businesses. We also felt our readers may be interested in this very unique pet product. So if you’re not in the mood for a CuBowl, feel free to take a moment and share the link.

Stay tuned for our full review of the CuBowl!

Game of Thrones Pet Bandana Giveaway – #gameofthrones

King of Hodor. 
House of Hodor. 
First of His Hodor.
Long May He Hodor.

*Queue Game of Thrones theme*

Introducing – The Game of Thrones Reversible Pet Bandana & Treat Pouch Giveaway!

The long wait has arrived! Not only for the season premiere of Game of Thrones, but for these fantastic Game of Thrones inspired pet products!

I am absolutely thrilled to be working with Dog Hair INCluded. Today, we’re featuring their Game of Thrones Hodor bandana and the Treat is Coming pouch.


Bain was in high spirits for this photo shoot, I was hoping he’d carry me on his back and bark “Hodor”, but he just wanted his snacks. This bandana features a reversible option, with the first being the Hodor side and the other being the yellow design side. The stretchy tie located on the bandana makes it easily adjustable for your pooch’s preference and growing puppies. Dog Hair INCluded uses high quality embroidery thread and quilting-quality cotton backings. The Hodor bandana is part of Dog Hair INCluded’s Say GRRR to Cancer campaign where all-year ’round 10% of the price will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.


All bandana’s come in 3 different sizes and are very easy to clean. Just pop them into the washer on cold and lay flat to dry.

Small bandanas fit: 7 – 13 inches
Medium bandanas fit: 11.5 – 25.5
Large bandanas fit: 14.5 – 35 inches



Next up we have the absolutely adorable Treat Is Coming? Treat pouch in all of its glory with the Stark sigil. This pouch is perfect for storing treats on your daily walk. On hot summer days this can turn into a portable water bowl for your thirsty pooch. It comes with a clip on the back that can attach to your belt, leash, or anything you choose while you walk.


There is always a treat coming with these quality, fashionable, and fun treat pouches!

Dog Hair INCluded began their journey in 2004 with their inspiration all-stars Fizzgig, Daisy, Pumpkin, and the late, but always loved, Lucy. Their goal – to meet all of your dog’s functional and fashion needs. They definitely deliver with their variety of bandanas, and a few of our favorites are shown below.

Photo Credit: Dog Hair INCluded

Photo Credit: Dog Hair INCluded


Photo Credit: Dog Hair INCluded

Photo Credit: Dog Hair INCluded

Dog Hair INCluded is not limited to canines, they’ve got something for the kitties too! They’ve got a wide range of cat collars with favorite themes such as Pacman, Ghostbusters, and Batman.

Photo Credit: Dog Hair INCluded

Photo Credit: Dog Hair INCluded

If you’ve already got a handful of bandanas for your pup at home, Dog Hair INCluded also carries stylish dog collars, leashes, collar charms, and coats. They keep their cost affordable so that everyone can enjoy their products without the high price tag. They are continuously donating to charities and pet rescues in need such as National Mill Dog Rescue, Sweetpea F.O.R. Animals, Inc, and the Canadian Cancer Society.


Dog Hair INCluded are based Montreal, Quebec and ship worldwide. So, who is ready for our special Game of Thrones giveaway!? Enter below to win your very own Hodor dog bandana and Treat Is Coming treat pouch!


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Disclaimer: We received product in from Dog Hair INCluded in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own. 


A Happy Celebration – Bain’s 3rd Birthday


Today on the blog, we’re celebrating Bain’s 3rd birthday. This boy still acts like a puppy, and that will probably never change no matter how old he is. The search continues for finding new friends and treats for this pup, as he is always on a new adventure.

He has been the catalyst for many changes in my life. The ending and beginning of new relationships, weight loss, and creation of a new hobby and career. To celebrate this happy boy’s birthday I am giving him his most favorite dish – ground beef. Everyone knows how much I love this dog, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Happy Birthday Bain!

Celebrating 2 Years – Blog Anniversary


“Celebrating 2 years by running around naked at the park.”

The month of April marks our 2 year blog anniversary. I can often be seen starting a lot of projects and never finishing them, but Gogo Dogo has been an ongoing exciting project. One that has opened many doors, opportunities, and experiences. It’s nice to say, with the help of Bain and Kisa, that I’ve built something from the ground up. That I can choose to write, post, and share what I choose to and not what someone tells me to do.

It’s been a continuous learning curve, and that is one of the things that has made it exciting. I’m thankful that everyone enjoys the antics of Bain, his photographs, and stories. I am also thankful readers and fans take interest in the products we share, as they are often carefully chosen. I’ve turned down a few opportunities as they did not jive with the blog, and if I feel they are not a match that will always be okay with me.

I’ve asked myself a couple of times over the last 2 years if I should have went with a different name for the blog. Then I say “nah”, because extremely I’m stubborn. Probably just as stubborn as the white popcorn pawed resident I live with. Gogo Dogo is what I started with, and that’s what it always will be. Whether or not it makes sense to others right away. The name Gogo Dogo was chosen because Bain is a dog who is always on the go, always ready for adventure, always pulling out enormous energy reserves. Plus, it’s fun to say. Though more often than not, it’s not as easily pronounceable as some might first read. Once you know it, however, you might find yourself thinking about things like “Gogo Dogo Gadget Copter!”.

I’d like to thank our readers, fans, fellow bloggers, and companies we’ve previously worked with and gotten to know over the last 2 years. There’s an exciting new blog schedule lined up starting this month, and many more great things to come this year.


Diagram of the Dogo Argentino – Part 1


Today, we examine the head of the Dogo Argentino. Don’t let those eyes fool you, they’re often use as a hypnosis technique to get a treat, spot on the couch, or scratch behind the ears. Our specimen today is Bain, who can often be found bumbling around the house, searching for crumbs, keeping the neighbourhood in in check, and acting as head officer of the Fun Police.

Dogo’s have an interesting way to get what they want. They use their impressive tools at their disposal and can later be found in certain areas of the house enjoying their prize. Depending on the situation, different techniques are used. If the person on the receiving end is not aware, the Dogo will accomplish what he set out to do.

Step 1: Use of Technique
Step 2: Get the Treat
Step 3: Profit

The Dogo Argentino head consists of 5 major attack styles. Here we list the different techniques used.

1.) Bag Rustling Radar – This is normally what sets things in motion. It doesn’t matter how many flights of stairs you have, how sound proof the walls are, or if your Dogo is outside busying himself with the world. They will hear it. Once the bag rustling radar has been activated, the Dogo will then choose his next attack style.

2.) The Eye – Besides sleeping upside down, Dogo’s are famous for their eyes. Specifically “stink eye”, which we will get to in a moment. Normally, their first line of attack will be with the eye. They may give you a Puss N’ Boots kind of feel, or they may just stare at you as if they’re smiling with their eyes. Note that if all 5 techniques have been used and failed, the Dogo will then find a corner of the house and give you the stink eye. Proceed with caution.

3.) Boop Button – Sometimes, the Boop Button works. Maybe it’s a treat activator, or maybe it’s just so fun to boop, we’re not sure. The Dogo will normally sit or lay his head down in your lap. If on the receiving end, the owner might follow with a “boop”. Followed by, “Have you been a good boy today? You have?” Boop. “You want a treat?” Enough said.

4.) Whiskies – Ah, yes. The soft, endless amount of whiskies. While it’s neat to see whiskies move on their own when your Dogo is sensing the goings on around him, they are frequently used to gain access to treats. They are irresistible, fun to play with, and almost have a 100% treat rate.

5.) Jiggly Jowls – Last, but not least – The Jiggly Jowls. Just as good as a Swiffer Sweeper, these jowls often pick up the remnants of breakfast, lunch, and dinner that have made its way to the kitchen floor. Jiggly Jowls can sometimes be wet or dry, depending on temperature and time of day. The owner is left defenseless when presented with Jiggly Jowls, as one cannot restrain themselves from playing with them. Making faces, stretching them, squishing them. Eventually, the owner ends up feeling bad for handling such delicate jowls. Thus, this normally ends with a treat.

That wraps up our class for today. Dogo’s, while cuddly marshmallows, can be a deadliest treat assassin. We hope that future interactions with any Dogo Argentino’s will be positive.